Introducing World Centric ZeroWare®

Introducing ZeroWare®, World Centric’s line of reusable tableware made from a combination of poly-lactic acid (PLA) and mineral sources. Available in plates, bowls and cups in assorted sizes, ZeroWare is the safe and sustainable alternative to items made from petroleum plastic. Reusable and dishwasher safe, ZeroWare is perfect for everyday use as well as special occasions like parties, picnics and camping.

  • Made from PLA and minerals
  • Suitable for hot or cold foods
  • Reusable and dishwasher compatible
  • PFAS, phthalate and BPA free
  • Available in custom colors
  • Not recommended for microwave use

*Please note: ZeroWare is made from natural materials but is not currently certified compostable in commercial facilities.

PLA is Better

Made from Plants

PLA (polylactic acid) products are made from plant sugars which are turned into lactic acid through fermentation, then converted into a polymer.

Replacing Plastic

We’re replacing harmful plastic tableware with items made from sustainable materials, like PLA, that are plant-based. Plastic tableware is made from petroleum which is harmful to human health and the environment when produced and discarded.

Energy efficient

Manufacturing PLA produces 75% fewer greenhouse gases and uses 50% less non-renewable energy compared to conventional plastics made from petroleum.

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