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Build buzz with your brand.

Highlight your sustainability efforts with branded packaging from World Centric. We have a full range of products that are perfectly suited for a variety of foodservice needs and can be customized with your logo, official colors and other brand assets. And you will also be able to tell your customers that your packaging is produced from plant based materials that are 100% compostable, not to mention that their purchase is supporting global grassroots programs to improve social and environmental issues.

Custom designs, delivered how you like it.

We make it easy for you to create custom products that are unique to your brand and your operations. Whether it’s developing a new custom design made from rapidly renewable plant fibers or plant based plastic, our product development team is ready to make your ideas become reality. Learn more on our Custom Designs page.

Highlight your commitment to sustainability.

So let us help you put your unique brand into your customer’s hands. With custom printed compostable products, you can clearly communicate your commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.


What products can you custom print?

  • Custom printing is available for our paper cups, bowls, straws, fiber products and container sleeves.

How much time does it typically take for custom printing projects?

  • Allow a lead time of 12–18 weeks for custom printed products, variable per project.

What are the MOQs for custom printing projects?

  • Minimum order quantities typically range from 50K-200K pieces per custom print.

For more details regarding lead times, minimum order quantities and artwork requirements, please contact your Sales Representative, Account Manager, email us at insidesales(at) or fill out the adjacent form.

Please note: World Centric reserves the right to refuse to print any graphics, logos or text that we consider inappropriate or inconsistent with our company mission and values.

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