World Centric® Company History


Aseem Das launches World Centric® to raise awareness of large-scale humanitarian and environmental issues. He wanted to show people how humanity’s pursuit of a good life is severely degrading the planet’s ecosystems and creating vast inequalities. The fact that billions of people live on less than $2 a day, without basic necessities like adequate food, water, healthcare, education, housing, and sanitation, was unacceptable to him.

Aseem starts by hosting award-winning documentaries and speakers on environmental, social, human rights and peace issues. Courses on sustainability, simple living, and globalization were offered as well as a Conscious Living guide.

2005 – 2006

World Centric® begins selling Fair Trade and compostable products in the beginning of 2005 to avoid taking donations or grants and become a self-sustaining organization. It continues to host films, speakers and offer courses alongside selling of products. In September it registers as a taxable California Non-Profit Corporation intending to become a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status in 2006. However, by mid-2006, the bulk of its time and resources are focused on managing the growing sales of its Fair Trade and compostable products.

2007 – 2009

World Centric® continues selling compostable products (Fair Trade products are discontinued in 2007) and hosting films, speakers, and other events. By 2009, selling compostable products is the company’s primary focus and in March it converts from a taxable non-profit to a for-profit social enterprise. The logic is that being a for-profit was not incongruous with its mission to do good in the world. Since 2009, World Centric has given at least 25% of its profits to grassroots social and environmental organizations, offered discounts to schools and non-profits and offset all of its carbon emissions from raw material to delivery.

2010 - Present

World Centric® became a certified B-Corp in 2010 and converted to a California Benefit Corporation in May 2013. Our mission, vision, and values have stayed the same since our founding - to Make An Impact and create a more just and sustainable world.

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