Create recognizable brand expressions that stand out

We collaborate with you to design leading edge solutions that work well and reduce environmental impact. We do this by merging plant based materials with exceptional product design, engineering and manufacturing processes from the beginning, to the end of your product's life.

Research, Discovery & Concepting

Our team will work closely with you to define visual and functional requirements. We offer a variety of methodologies and visualization techniques which can be curated to your specific needs.

Design, Prototyping, & Testing

The development of approvable physical samples is a key step in our process. We work with a variety of materials, processes, and high quality factories to realize your ideas quickly.

Manufacturing & Logistics Management

Our operations team can quickly bring your designs into production and delivered around the world. As a certified B Corp and members of the 1% of the Planet network, we follow our principles across our entire supply chain, logistics, and quality programs.

McDonalds World Centric Compostable Packaging


Re-Inventing an Icon: A global fast-food restaurant was looking to reinvent their iconic burger box with a sustainable alternative.

Working with their brand agency, we helped bring their vision to life; combining a beautiful form with a sustainable packaging experience.

SweetGreen World Centric Compostable Packaging


A young, nationwide salad and healthy bowl brand was looking to reduce waste and introduce sustainable materials into their their growing business.

Our streamlined and efficient solution enabled the mixing of their whole food ingredients into the final service bowl; eliminating extra prep, water consumption, and added labor time.

Working closely with their creative team, our sustainable and compostable materials enabled new shapes and forms, not possible with traditional manufacturing processes, to be created. These iconic forms have delighted customers and established a strong social media presence.

Pizza Hut World Centric Compostable Packaging


A nationwide pizza brand was looking to go sustainably. We partnered to create a pizza solution that was not only greener, but performed better.

This breakthrough pizza round packaging reduces waste, assembly labor, and sogginess issues that are common with traditional square boxes.

Noma Lim World Centric Compostable Packaging


A California based fresh noodle take-out chain needed help improving their existing product to be more sustainable, compostable, and usable.

Our custom lid solution separated the noodles from broth, providing a simple and elegant way to ease preparation and maintain freshness. Combined with an easy to hold bowl shape, the finished package results in a truly enjoyable quick noodle experience.

Custom Product Guidelines

The development and production of custom packaging products requires typical guidelines to ensure a successful and cost effective outcome.

  • 16 week lead time
  • $5,000 - $25,000 tooling cost

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