of profits donated to grassroots social and environmental organizations and to offset our carbon emissions

carbon footprint due to our offsets


of our products are compostable in commercial composting facilities*

the change as a B Corp. We exist for good.

Driven to reduce waste and suffering in people's lives

  • We provide high-quality, fairly priced compostable products
  • We hope to inspire others to shift their behavior around consumption and waste
  • We're passionate about collaborating with business and organizations to pioneer approaches to environmental challenges
Our Vision & Values

Our product life cycle begins and ends in the same place: The Earth

Renewable. Not Disposable.
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As consumers, are we asking the right questions?

During our daily purchasing life, we need to think about the products we’re buying and ask ourselves: How did it get to the shelf? What did it do to the environment to get there? Where will it go when I’m done with it?


In an active commercial compost, World Centric® products break down in 180 days.*

Plastics & Styrofoams

Plastics and styrofoam products will never breakdown in our lifetime.

“Make an impact with us.”

Aseem Das, CEO – World Centric, Founder

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