Paper & Plastic Problems

Paper, Plastic, & Environmental Damage

​There isn't a future in plastics

Let’s be clear about petroleum-based plastics: They pollute our planet on a massive scale. When plastics are sent to landfills and incinerators they don’t just disappear. The debris escapes onto roadways and the emissions are sent into the air we breathe. According to Keep America Beautiful, toxic pollution from plastics contributes over 19% of roadside waste. That’s like throwing 1,300 pieces of plastic trash on to every mile of roadway in the U.S.

And that plastic litter on the roadsides doesn’t necessarily stay on the roadsides. It will travel thousands of miles in the air and water and end up as ocean pollution. Over 80% of the ocean’s litter is plastic from the land.

Branch out from paper

Whether it’s a cup caddy made from unbleached 100% post consumer waste paper, or fine writing paper made of virgin wood from old growth forests, all tree-based paper is ecologically damaging. In fact, it’s hard to find which paper does the least amount of damage to the environment.

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