Take actions today that make an impact

We deeply value the work environmental and social grassroots organizations do on a daily basis. But there are many other ways for every one of us to make an impact — right now.

Refuse Single Use Plastics

Every choice we make impacts the world. Refusing plastics and choosing compostables products when necessary reduces energy and water consumption, and emission of pollution and toxins.

Give Back

Many of the organizations we support through our impact programs accept contributions. Click the link below to learn more about our giving program and the projects we support.

Compost at Home

We encourage home composting to improve the soil around your home and keep food waste and compostable products out of landfills whenever possible.

Attend Events

Look for local events in your area that address issues of globalization, environmental destruction, economic and social justice, peace, consumption, biodiversity and sustainable alternatives. These and many others have all been topics that our organization has focused on since our nonprofit roots.


There are many volunteer organizations around the world or even in your own community that could utilize your skills and experience to do good. Find your local Volunteer Center or Peace & Justice center to affect social and environmental change at the grassroots level.

Nonprofit partnerships

Our Impact Giving Recipients are all benefitting in part from your World Centric purchases! Learn more about the critical work these groups are doing, and how you can get involved.