Carbon Offsets

Taking the Right Steps Towards a Zero Carbon World

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Every action we take as a business has a consequence, so we have taken steps to lower the carbon emissions that come from our manufacturing. World CentricĀ® products take less energy to make than traditional disposables and we work to reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of our compostable goods. We also partner with environmental and social organizations whose programs not only offset our carbon emissions but engage local communities.

Our Emissions

Our carbon footprint is the sum of all carbon emissions emitted into the atmosphere in the process of making our compostable goods and running our sustainable business. This includes emissions from the production of our raw materials and our manufacturing all the way to the transportation to your front door. It includes processing, inbound ocean freight transportation, outbound trucking, and warehouse operations. Our office footprint even includes the commute and travel of our staff.

Our Efforts

It is our belief that both individuals and companies can and should reduce their carbon footprint. It starts with looking at ways to reduce your own emissions, usually directly related to reducing energy consumption. We also believe in investing in renewable energy like solar and wind energy production in addition to carbon offsetting programs such as planting trees.

We are conscious of our daily operations and simple ways that any individual can reduce energy use such as limiting centralized heating and using energy efficient space heaters, and spaces with natural light.

Our Partnerships

We believe that by partnering with other grassroots organizations we can be carbon neutral and at the same time help other organization and people that are directly faced with problems of income generation and sustainable development. In our endeavors to go carbon neutral, we focused on two things: the sequestering of carbon through tree planting and supporting projects with direct benefits to communities and people.


Our 2019 contribution to offset our carbon.