World Centric has the bowl sizes you need to successfully deliver takeout.

The best 100% compostable bowls to help you serve the best takeout

Our molded fiber bowls are made from bamboo and unbleached plant fiber, annually renewable resources. These disposable bowls contain no wax or plastic lining, and are freezer safe.

World Centric bowls are perfect for pasta, salads, and many other entrees. Best of all they are compostable within 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting facility.*

  • Great for takeout dining and delivery at grocery stores, delis and restaurants
  • Made from 100% renewable plant fibers such as sugarcane and bamboo
  • Sustainable – Made from renewable resources which avert the use of petroleum
  • Compost in 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting facility
  • Suitable for hot or cold foods and freezer safe
  • Soak proof, and have no wax or plastic lining

Why use 100% compostable bowls from World Centric for your takeout and delivery?

You'll look like a winner to loyal and new customers

When you invest in sustainably made, 100% compostable takeout packaging, everybody wins. You are helping the world by encouraging customers to use compostable packaging and supporting the idea of keeping petroleum plastic waste out of overcrowded landfills. And your presentation will show you care, while your reputation for being a supporter of eco-friendly products will have new and returning customers coming back again and again.

We've got you covered with a variety of shapes and sizes

Our World Centric fiber bowls come in many shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Whether it's serving salads, sandwiches or spaghetti, our comprehensive catalog of takeout packaging has all the options you need to serve your entire menu to go.

You will be helping the environment from start to finish

The average person produces around 4-1/2 pounds of trash each day, and of that more than half ends up in a landfill. Petroleum-based plastic foodservice packaging that is soiled with food residue contaminates the recycling stream and despite our best intentions, often gets tossed into the landfill.

Rather than creating more waste using packaging that can end up as trash, consider World Centric products that were designed to be 100% compostable in a commercial composting facility and be returned to the soil when composted.

*Source: EPA

It helps us carry out our mission while giving your customers great carryout

Along with being environmentally friendly, purchasing takeout and delivery packaging solutions from World Centric helps us fulfill our commitment to divert 25% of our profits to global grassroots environmental programs and to offset our carbon emissions.

Get to know our complete assortment of bowls for all of your takeout and delivery needs

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