Announcement - World Centric® PizzaRound™ Wins NEXTY for Environmentally Responsible Packaging
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Announcement - World Centric® PizzaRound™ Wins NEXTY for Environmentally Responsible Packaging

First 100% Tree-Free, Plant-Based, Compostable Pizza Container from World Centric

PizzaRound™ from World Centric won the 2019 NEXTY Award for the Best Environmentally Responsible PackagingANAHEIM, Calif., March 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- New Hope Network, producer of the Natural Products Expo West Trade Show, has announced that the PizzaRound™ pizza container, from compostable products company World Centric,® has been selected as the 2019 NEXTY award winner for the Best Environmentally Responsible Packaging. World Centric's first 100% tree-free, compostable pizza package provides an eco-friendly alternative to the over 2 billion cardboard takeout and delivery pizza boxes used in the U.S. annually, helping combat the loss of over 4 billion trees per year.

The PizzaRound is fabricated with bamboo, an annually renewable plant. These plant fibers are far more sustainable than trees, which take decades to grow. Based on our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) using the COMPASS tool, the use of these plant fibers also reduces the energy and carbon dioxide emissions compared to cardboard products.

The PizzaRound's innovative design decreases packaging waste, both with a circular form factor that lessens the amount of raw material required for production, and with special features that eliminate the need for the liners, tissues and plastic tents used in conventional boxes. Those features – including built-in grease grooves, air vents, and raised dimples on the inside of the container – help keep the crust crisp, absorb grease and prevent damage to toppings without adding packaging accessories. Best of all, the container is compostable in commercial facilities regardless of food residue.

Says World Centric SVP of Sales Mark Stephany, "the mission of our company is to provide sustainable alternatives to plastic and cardboard disposables for restaurants as well as consumers to reduce their environmental footprint. This NEXTY recognition highlights our mission to be of service to people and planet."

About World Centric
Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Petaluma, CA, World Centric provides certified compostable products for the foodservice industry to reduce environmental impact. By innovating in plant-based materials and design, World Centric has developed over 250 foodservice and retail products across tableware, cutlery and food packaging. All of World Centric's products are certified compostable and will turn to soil in commercial composting facilities. As a Certified B Corporation and California Benefit Corporation, World Centric upholds rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility, and donates 25% of profits to organizations addressing social and environmental issues with $1.1 million donated in 2018.


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Mar 12, 2019


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