Impact Projects

2021 Giving & Projects

2021 Social & Environmental Grants

With profits from 2021, World Centric provided 22 grants to 15 non-profits. Our grants are focused on providing basic needs, as well as economic and community development for communities experiencing extreme poverty. Through our giving, we hope to not only provide assistance but help create systems change at the root of the issues. See this year's partners and details below.
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Advocates for Community Alternatives

Community Driven Development and Advocacy in Liberia and Ghana



Regenerative Cocoa Enterprise in the Chocó Forest in Ecuador


Amazon Frontlines

Indigenous-led Rainforest Protection and Cultural Survival in the Amazon



Reforestation & Women's Empowerment in Haiti


Green Again Madagascar

Restoring Forest Habitats in Madagascar


Integrate Health

Primary Healthcare for Women & Children in Togo


Power of Love Foundation

Lifesaving Healthcare & Economic Empowerment for HIV+ Women & Children


People for Progress in India

Sustainable Development for Communities in India


Raising the Village

Community-driven Development in Uganda


Rainforest Action Network

Funding Frontline Communities Fighting Deforestation



Transforming Waste Into Resources in Haiti



K-12 Education in Haiti


Spark Microgrants

Community-driven Development in Burundi



Reproductive Health Education & Services in Guatemala


Women's Global Education Project

Girls' Education in Kenya


2021 Staff Giving

Once a year, World Centric sets aside funds for our staff to donate to nonprofits that are recommended by a committee of employees (the Giving Team). This year, staff allocated $122,000 to 20 nonprofits around the world.

  • Big Table $5,850
  • Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families $3,200
  • Bonafide $6,900
  • Contour Lines $6,000
  • Cultural Survival $2,800
  • Huru $7,500
  • Indigenous Environmental Network $4,400
  • Lomakatsi Restoration Project $5,150
  • Lost-N-Found Youth $8,500
  • MAIA $10,000
  • National Day Laborer Organizing Network $2,250
  • Native Conservancy $6,500
  • Oakland Bloom $10,000
  • Rainforest Partnership $7,350
  • Re-Plate $6,500
  • SAKALA $7,000
  • Soul Fire Farm $4,450
  • Sustainable Cambodia $4,000
  • Warm Heart Worldwide Inc. $3,650
  • Water Wells for Africa $10,000

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