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It's time to serve up more sustainable healthcare foodservice

According to the American Hospital Association, over 5,534 hospitals in the U.S. generate at least 25 pounds of waste per day per patient. It all adds up to an urgent need to end the unsustainable stream of trash coming from just one industry.

You are what you eat with.

Increasingly, evolving municipal waste laws and corporate social responsibility practices are pressing for a reduction of the flow of healthcare waste that puts pressure on our ecosystem.

The foodservice ware you choose is one area your healthcare facilities can make an immediate impact. Transitioning away from petroleum and wood fiber and moving towards utilizing 100% compostable foodservice ware is one prescription to make your operations more sustainable.

World Centric products are good for your patients and the environment.

Making the choice to incorporate environmentally safe products made from plant-based materials, over petroleum or virgin wood based products, helps reduce your facilities' environmental footprint and minimizes your impact on valuable natural resources.

Take care of your patients and staff while taking care of the planet

  • Made from renewable plant fibers and Ingeo™ plant based plastic
  • Compostable in a commercial composting facility
  • Take less energy to produce and reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Custom printing available

World Centric products will help your healthcare culinary program reduce waste and support grassroots programs that are tackling urgent global social and environmental issues.

Your healthcare staff and patients will be thankful you made the conscious choice to use sustainably-made products when they are served their meals at your facility. So give them the best sustainable foodservice ware options by using World Centric 100% compostable products.

The benefits of compostables

Less Energy

Manufacturing bio-based plastic from corn takes 77% less energy than manufacturing conventional plastic from petroleum.

Less Water

Making cups from bio-based plastic uses 86% less water than it takes to make them from foam.

Less Waste

World Centric® is not only concerned with where our products end up as waste, we are also concerned with where they begin as raw materials.

Less Pollution

The production of sugarcane pulp for plates emits only 65% of the CO2 pollution that is emitted in the production of expanded polystyrene resin for foam plates.

Get the pulse on compostables

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