New World Centric Totally Touchless Cutlery Dispenser: The most hygienic way to dispense single-use compostable cutlery

Forks, spoons and knives delivered clean, hygienic and compostable.


Given the state of foodservice operations, a truly touchless dispensing solution to provide cutlery to your customers is imperative. But the number of sustainable options available have been few. And the field narrows when you require a completely touchless refilling solution for loading the utensils.

But now World Centric has introduced the most effective and hygienic answer to dispensing cutlery in a safe, secure manner. And, best of all, you can maintain your commitment to using sustainable cutlery because World Centric utensils are made from plant-based, certified compostable PLA plastic.

Certified Compostable Cutlery Served Up Safely

Protect Your Customers

Our cutlery is contact-free at all 15 points along the path from factory line to mealtime.

Protect Your Reputation

Factory-sealed cartridges and zero-touch dispensers demonstrate your commitment to cleanliness.

Protect the Planet

Do your part to preserve the environment by doing away with wasteful individually wrapped cutlery.


  • Sealed Bag - completely no touch handling and refilling of cutlery prevents contamination
  • Labor saving - Holds up to 375 pieces to minimize refills (125 per tower)
  • Minimizes waste - customers take only the individual pieces of cutlery they need
  • Place anywhere - Easy placement on almost any counter space, with no electricity required
  • Ease of use - Easy refilling with simple instructions on cutlery bags and refill indicators
  • Compostable cutlery - Made of plant-based plastic and compostable within 2-4 months in a commercial composting facility
  • NEW Customizable - Create your combination of knife, fork, or spoon to meet your operational needs (available soon)
  • Supports our giving - 25% of net profits go to social and environmental organizations worldwide

How to use the Totally Touchless Cutlery Dispenser

Setup of the Totally Touchless Cutlery Dispenser

  • Take the bamboo dispenser cabinet out of its shipping carton and set it up on a flat counter surface.
  • Remove the packaging and outer wrapper from the bamboo cabinet.
  • The cutlery towers easily slide in and out of the cabinet, so you can configure the order of the towers depending on your needs.
  • Lift the cap of each tower and press the red button. This releases each specific cutlery tower.
  • Follow the instructions on the bag of cutlery. Use only World Centric bagged cutlery in the dispenser.
  • Load the bag to the bottom of the tower, then pull the red pull tab up to begin releasing the bag.
  • Pull the cutlery bag up and out while releasing the utensils into the tower. Do not touch the utensils.
  • Pull the red side trigger to release the first piece of cutlery.
  • Push the tower back into the dispenser and close the cap.
  • The Totally Touchless Cutlery Dispenser is ready to use.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Keeping the dispenser as clean and properly maintained as possible will avoid repairs and extend the life of the dispenser.
  • All exterior surfaces should be wiped or dusted with a clean towel.
  • Occasionally wipe the bottom as dust can accumulate over time.
  • Keeping the dispenser as clean and properly maintained as possible will avoid repairs and extend the life of the dispenser.
  • Deep clean the inner components at least once a month to avoid contamination. Do not use a dishwasher to clean mechanism pieces.
  • Use mild soap or food-grade cleaning products to clean the dispenser, with a damp rag or good quality sponge.
  • Dry off with a clean towel, removing any excess water to avoid build-ups.
  • Avoid using strongly scented cleaning products. The chemicals could contaminate the dispenser and cutlery.
  • Moving the dispenser with cutlery installed is risky and should be avoided.
  • Do not tilt or lay down while loaded with utensils or while cleaning.
  • Do not pull the red side trigger if there is already cutlery in each tower as jamming might occur.
  • If any pieces of the dispenser do not work or are jammed, please watch the video below or call 707.241.9190 to get help with questions or repair.

How To Unjam Your Machine

Get to know our new Totally Touchless Cutlery Dispenser

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