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We do our best to provide our sustainable foodservice products at the most reasonable prices possible, so that switching to these alternatives is financially feasible for your business. We can supply to large scale users of plastic/paper/styrofoam such as restaurants, school districts, universities, government and corporate cafeterias and provide education to encourage the switch to compostables to reduce the impact on the environment. Please visit our Contact Us page or call 707-241-9190 for pricing, questions or comments and we will work with you to help get sustainable products in use at your business. For smaller orders please see our online store.

Negative Externalities

One obvious question is: how do the prices of compostable foodservice and packaging products compare to the existing paper, styrofoam and plastic products? Products on the market generally do not take into account the "environmental and social costs" to society. Instead, these costs are internalized to society at large in terms of pollution, toxicity, exploitation of natural resources, weak or non existent labor standards, exploitation of workers etc. Ideally, the costs of products on the market should include environmental and social costs such as:

  • Pollution and toxicity caused in extraction, mining or growing and transportation of the raw materials (e.g. land, air and water pollution)
  • Impact on communities and people on the extraction of these resources (e.g. cutting down of rainforests, or destroying indigenous communities to extract oil and build pipelines or mine for minerals)
  • Toxicity and pollution caused in the manufacture of the product itself
  • Exploitation of workers for production of raw materials and/or the product.
  • Distorting subsidies which permit exploitation of raw resources, which would not be possible without the taxes paid for by the taxpayer.

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