Say Hey to Our New Burrito Bowl Clamshell

Made from unbleached plant fiber and commercially compostable

  • Made from renewable plant fibers, not plastic
  • Compostable in a commercial composting facility where available
  • Suitable for hot or cold foods

Our new fiber 32 ounce burrito bowl clamshells (TO-FB-BB) are made from sustainably produced, unbleached plant fibers, including bamboo and sugarcane.

The patented lid closure gives them a tight seal and makes them spill proof. Perfect for saucy foods like enchiladas, these clamshells make takeout easy and sustainable.

We Put These Lids To The Test

Burrito Bowl Clamshell


Why is plant fiber better?

It's rapidly renewable

Unlike trees, bamboo is a fast-growing (as much as 3 feet a day!) and a naturally renewable grass. It requires no fertilizer, it self-regenerates from its own roots, and it requires very little water resources to grow.

Sugarcane is also rapidly renewable. It grows to full maturity and is ready to harvest after just 12 months, plus yields 4 harvests per crop.

It's commercially compostable

Unlike PET plastic, plant fiber is not a fossil fuel-based product and has the ability to compost in a commercial composting environment in 2-4 months. Plus when composted, compostable foodservice ware can act as a vessel to divert food scraps away from the landfill. This is important because in a landfill food emits methane, which is 28x more potent of a greenhouse gas than C02 when it comes to global warming.

It's a byproduct

Utilizing bamboo and sugarcane bagasse allows us to make food packaging from plants rather than plastic. Unlike PET plastic, plant materials have the ability to fully compost in a commercial facility.

Plus, sugarcane bagasse is a byproduct material that would otherwise be incinerated. We are able to reuse this valuable resource to create single-use packaging that's less impactful on the planet.

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