Eco-Profiles of Compostable Products

Eco-Profiles of Compostable Products

World Centric® measures the environmental impacts of compostable materials compared to their conventional counterparts.

Choosing products that have lighter environmental footprints is one small step toward sustainable living. While World Centric® ultimately seeks a zero waste economy, we know that getting there will require consumers and businesses to take transitional steps towards that goal. World Centric® compostable products are one measurable step in the right direction.

The environmental footprints of different materials can be measured and compared in an “eco-profile.” These profiles use data from the manufacturing process, like the amounts of energy and water consumed, and the amounts of carbon dioxide and pollution emitted. An eco-profile is a subset of a full life-cycle analysis, which would also consider the impacts of distribution, consumer use, and disposal.

Below you'll find eco-profiles that demonstrate how World Centric® products can help consumers and businesses reduce their environmental footprints by switching from conventional products to compostable products.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of the materials we use:


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Mar 17, 2020


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