NEW: World Centric Bamboo Cutlery

Made from 100% FSC® Certified bamboo

  • No plastic or virgin wood
  • 100% Bio-Based
  • Can be discarded with yard trimmings
  • Suitable for hot or cold foods

Our new cutlery is made from FSC® Certified bamboo and is 100% BioBased, and plastic free. The FSC third-party certification ensures that the bamboo we source is being sustainably and responsibly managed. FSC criteria include protecting water quality, prohibiting harvest of rare, old growth forests, preventing loss of natural forest cover and prohibiting the use of highly hazardous chemicals during the growing process.

How Well Does Our Bamboo Cutlery Perform? 

Bamboo is Better

Rapidly Renewable

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material -- it’s annually renewable, grows rapidly and can quickly reforest. Since it can be harvested annually, bamboo is much less vulnerable to clear-cutting compared to timber.

Captures Carbon

Bamboo forests are powerful carbon sinks as bamboo stores two-thirds of its sequestered carbon in its roots and soil. This below-ground captured carbon is not emitted when bamboo is harvested to be used for products, like our bamboo cutlery.

FSC Certified

Our bamboo cutlery is FSC® Certified and made at a factory using solar energy. The FSC third-party certification ensures that the bamboo we source comes from forests that are being sustainably and responsibly managed.

Commercially Compostable

Bamboo is a material of natural origin and does not have any plastic additives or lining, allowing it to be discarded with yard waste and be composted. Bamboo positively contributes to compost as a carbon source and can be accepted in a wider number of composting facilities, such as facilities that accept yard waste and food waste. This allows for a higher likelihood of cutlery being composted and fulfilling the closed-loop design of our products.

Replacing Plastic

We’re replacing harmful plastic utensils with utensils made from sustainable materials, like bamboo, that are plant-based and compostable. Plastic cutlery is made from petroleum, is too small to be recycled easily and will never decompose. It’s one of the most frequently found pieces of plastic trash in oceans. On land, it contributes to the containers and food packaging that take up 23% of landfills according to the EPA. Sadly, Americans continue using 100 million plastic utensils everyday.

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