Giving Program

Making an Impact through our Global Grassroots Giving

Annually, World Centric® gives a minimum of 25% of our profits to fund grassroots community projects around the world and to offset our carbon emissions. These projects provide basic needs and economic development opportunities for communities experiencing extreme poverty, while beneficially impacting the environment. We hope to not only provide assistance but help create systems change at the root of the issues.


World Centric produces high quality, plant-based compostable products that look great, perform well and contribute to reducing waste. We set aside at least 25% of the profit from the sale of our products to fund projects around the world helping provide basic needs for communities and the environment, as well as to offset our carbon emissions. This means that each time you purchase World Centric products, you are helping create a better world for all of us.

At the end of each fiscal year, we take the profits set aside for giving and allocate it to aligned partners who have requested funding for specific projects. Projects are reviewed by our internal team to ensure that they meet our strict criteria for direct impact. Once approved projects are funded, we receive reporting on the ongoing results.

Since 2009, World Centric has been able to donate over $4M to fund more than 170 projects. Your purchases make this possible.

Over the years, World Centric has explored additional ways to utilize our giving for good. Learn more about our 2014 Impact Accelerator.

World Centric Impact Giving 2009 - 2019

World Centric Giving 2009-2019

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Number of projects since 2009


Donated since 2009

Impact Areas

We prioritize projects that work with impoverished communities to provide basic needs in the following areas:

  • Clean Water
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Food Security
  • Forest Preservation & Replanting
  • Health Care
  • Low Carbon Cookstoves
  • Sanitation

Through our giving, we hope to not only provide assistance but help create systems change at the root of these issues.

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We look for projects with high impact addressing basic needs in communities experiencing extreme poverty with a preference for systemic approaches and local community empowerment and engagement.  


World Centric provides funding for projects that meet specific criteria aligned with the impact we hope to have in the world. We do not typically donate to the general fund of a non-profit. We look for projects that have a significant positive impact in providing basic needs for communities and the environment, while making the most efficient and effective use of funding to achieve those results.

  • Basic needs infrastructure such as food systems, clean water, shelter, emergency relief, education (women+girls), health care, sanitation, economic development, agriculture, and energy
  • Multiple impact areas (social, ecological, economic) with a preference for ecosystemic approach
  • Preference for basic technology that is locally sourced
  • Low administrative overhead
  • Short timeline to impact
  • Need for funding
  • A 501c3 non-profit registered in the USA or affiliated with such

To summarize, we are looking for projects with high impact in areas of greatest need with a preference for systemic approaches and local community empowerment and engagement.

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Funded Projects

View all our projects by the year they were funded:

2009-2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019


We accept projects on an ongoing basis, but the bulk of our projects are reviewed and funding in January - April of each year.

  • Submit your organization for review using this form.
  • If your organization is accepted, we will provide an application form for requesting funding for a specific project. This includes the project’s timeline, the problem you are trying to solve, direct and indirect impacts, budget, and your plants for monitoring and evaluation.
  • If your project is approved, you will be required to submit reporting at the projects half-way point, the end of project, and 1 year later.

If you have questions regarding our giving program, please email

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