Reports & Test Results

We perform third party audits for fair working conditions based on Fair Labor Association Code of Conduct for factories in China. The code of conduct guidelines establish best practices "for respectful and ethical treatment of workers, and in promoting sustainable conditions through which workers earn fair wages in safe and healthy workplace".

We also perform Food Safety Audits for the same factories under the Silliker Food Safety/GMP guidelines. The different audit reports are listed below, along with product testing reports for metals, allergens, pesticides, GMOs, and more.” .

Fair Labor Audits

Renewable Fibers




Food Safety Audits

Plant Fiber:


Product Testing - Metals, Allergen, Composting, Pesticide, Non-GMO and FDA Approvals

Wheat Straw:


  • Metals Test Report - Report shows that our bagasse (sugarcane fiber) cups and containers do not contain metals like lead and cadmium.
  • Pesticides Test Report - Report shows that our bagasse (sugarcane fiber) cups and containers do not contain pesticide residues of organochloride, organonitrogen, organophosphate or N-Methyl Carbamate.
  • Migration Test - Report tests for compliance with FDA 21 CFR 176.170, which states that: "Substances identified in this section may be safely used as components of the uncoated or coated food-contact surface of paper and paperboard intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packaging, processing, preparing, treating, packing, transporting, or holding aqueous and fatty foods, subject to the provisions of this section." The bagasse samples comply with the limit of the components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.

Compostable Bioplastic Products (PLA):

Talc and PLA Cutlery:

Paper/PLA Blended Items: