Women leading nonprofits around the world

Whether innovating new ways to improve economic and community development or working to provide basic needs that impact millions of lives, these women are creating systems change at the root of social and environmental issues. As Founders and Executive Directors, these women drive the missions of many of the nonprofit organizations World Centric supports. In honor of International Women's Week, we want to celebrate their stories and achievements.

Sasha Fisher

Co-Founder & ED

Sasha moved to East Africa in 2010 to launch Spark MicroGrants to propel a new model of aid that catalyzes local, community-driven change.

Réa Dol

Director & Co-Founder

At SOPUDEP, a K-12 school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Réa teaches her students that in order to prosper as a society they must practice equality and be active participants in the country’s healing.

Jennifer Schechter

Co-Founder & CEO

Jennifer has been building innovative healthcare solutions since 2005 when she opened Integrate Health’s first rural HIV treatment center. Today, Integrate Health is reducing preventable deaths of women and children in Togo, West Africa.

Kathy Ku


Kathy Ku had a simple idea that would change thousands of lives, not to mention her own. She found a way to bring clean water to people in Uganda, where she lived as a student.

Dr. Sasha Kramer

Co-Founder & ED

Dr. Sasha Kramer is an ecologist, human rights advocate, and Co-Founder of SOIL in Haiti. She is a global advocate for the recycling of nutrients in human waste, helping others implement sustainable sanitation projects and inspiring people around the world to participate in the sanitation revolution.

Amy Maglio

Executive Director

Amy founded WGEP over 15 years ago to educate, empower, and promote equality for women and girls in rural Senegal and Kenya. The inspiration to start Women's Global Education Project came to Amy when she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal from 1996 to 1998.

Alka Subramanian

Founder & ED

Alka is the Executive Director of Power of Love, a nonprofit in Zambia and India helping women and children infected/affected with HIV/AIDS. She is a strong advocate at the Foundation for empowering women and caregivers and including "love" in that care.

Lottie Wren Cunningham


Lottie is a human rights lawyer and President of CEJUDHCAN working to defend Indigenous peoples land on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. In 2020, Lottie was awarded the Right Livelihood Award for her human rights work.