World Centric® Unveils Breakthrough Compostable Molded Fiber Cutlery

World Centric® Unveils Breakthrough Compostable Molded Fiber Cutlery

ROHNERT PARK, CA – World Centric® today announced a new and unique collection of certified compostable molded fiber single-use cutlery and serving utensils with no added PFAS. This collection of wood-free, plastic-free products provides the foodservice industry a more environmentally-conscious option to traditional disposable cutlery and serving utensils and is suitable for a broad range of common food serving and meal prep uses. Available items include 6” forks, knives, spoons and sporks as well as 3” tasting spoons and 10” serving utensils capable of hot or cold use.

World Centric is the first in North America to offer molded fiber cutlery for use in the disposable foodservice industry. In the U.S., over 100 million plastic utensils are used daily, and over 27 million tons of plastic end up in U.S. landfills each year. Traditional plastic utensils are made from petroleum, are too small to be recycled easily, and will never decompose. Plastic cutlery is one of the most common items found in the ocean. World Centric’s molded fiber cutlery is made from discarded sugarcane and rapidly renewable bamboo fibers, reducing a source of plastic leakage into the environment. The molded fiber cutlery collection is certified commercially compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and contains no added PFAS or bioplastic. The new collection joins World Centric’s suite of existing Leaf molded fiber products - including containers, plates, bowls, portion cups, and lids. It is part of a suite of eco-conscious and compostable products including the NoTree™ hot and cold cups, and other plant-based food service ware available across North America.

In addition to its commitment to product innovation that is better for the planet, sales of all World Centric products support World Centric’s ongoing giving of 25% of net profits to global grassroots social and environmental projects that have a significant positive impact in providing basic needs for their communities and the environment. In 2020, World Centric gave over $2.1MM in annual cash and product donations to provide assistance and help create change at the root of many social and environmental issues.

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About World Centric

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Rohnert Park, CA, World Centric provides certified compostable products for both the foodservice industry and to consumers through retail channels. By innovating in plant-based materials and design, World Centric has developed over 350 foodservice and retail products across tableware, cutlery, and food packaging. All of World Centric’s products will turn into the soil in commercial composting facilities where available. As a Certified B Corporation and California Benefit Corporation, World Centric upholds rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility and donates 25% of net profits to organizations addressing social and environmental issues with more than $2.1 million allocated for donations in 2020.

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Mar 9, 2021


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