Trees & Proleña Cookstoves in Nicaragua
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Trees & Proleña Cookstoves in Nicaragua

World Centric + Trees, Water & People

$28,706.25 from profits from fiscal year 2018 (53% of the total project budget)
Carbon Offsets Project

Approximately 75% of Nicaragua’s forests have been lost in the last century, while those remaining are at risk of agricultural clearing and over-harvesting, primarily to meet household energy needs (90%). Nicaragua is one of the 10 most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change with severe cycles of drought and flooding, which ruin soils, crops, and the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Political turmoil, which reached a head in 2018 has reduced community-based program support.

Trees, Water & People works with their longtime Nicaraguan partner, Proleña, to promote reforestation in La Paz Centro and provide clean-burning cookstoves.

The Impact

  • Construction of 100 cookstoves (1 per household)
  • 40,000 native trees planted

Indirect Impact:

  • 6 jobs for Proleña
  • Monthly fuel savings of $10 per household (a 400% increase)
  • 50 farmers have new income from planting trees
  • Save 270 tons in fuel wood over 5 years
  • Avert 900 tons emissions over 5 years
  • Mitigate harvest of 3.375 hectares of forest per year
  • Reforest agricultural and/or degraded lands, improving 320 hectares of land in silvopastoral systems (grazing with agroforestry).

About Trees, Water & People

A World Centric partner since 2015

Trees, Water & People's mission is to improve people's lives by helping communities protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends.TWP's unique community-based development model was founded on the philosophy that the best way to help those most in need is to involve them directly in the design and implementation of local environmental and economic development initiatives.

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May 16, 2018


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