Teacher Housing at Endeshi Primary School in Tanzania
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Teacher Housing at Endeshi Primary School in Tanzania

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$16,442.00 from profits from fiscal year 2018

An estimated 2 million children between the ages of 7 and 13 years are out-of-school in Tanzania. Almost 70% of children aged 14–17 years are not enrolled in secondary education while a mere 3.2% are enrolled for the final two years of schooling.

Endeshi Primary School currently has only 5 teachers for 665 students. This severe teacher shortage is in large part due to a lack of teacher housing. A 133:1 student-to-teacher ratio means that only students in grades sitting for national exams ("priority grades") are receiving adequate instruction. Instead of learning, children are assigned menial tasks to fill their days. Accordingly, numerous children aren't receiving a quality education and many have stopped attending school altogether.

Global Partners for Development uses a model called Community-Driven Education. They partner with villages to build their capacity to identify, fund, manage, and maintain their own education projects to address immediate needs. At the end of this process, GPFD provides a grant to bring the project to life. Then, they work with the community to identify the best ways to continue mobilizing local resources for future projects. Finally, they connect them to a cooperative of local schools and relevant government agencies to continue organizing their resources and advocating for their futures. The Endeshi community and primary school convened and decided to construct teacher housing to combat absenteeism. Adequate housing will encourage the government to assign more teachers to the school.

The Impact

  • Facilitation of community building and proposal development for 97 community members
  • 8 members of the community leadership team gain project management skills
  • 3 room teacher housing benefitting 665 students

Indirect results:

  • Improved student-to-classroom ratio
  • Attendance rates increase by 10%
  • Pass rates increase by 5%
  • Improved community engagement

About Global Partners for Development

A World Centric partner since 2019.

Global Partners for Development's mission is to take an authentic and sustainable approach to community-driven development in impoverished regions of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. That means supporting schools and community-based organizations to manage education and public health interventions that generate lasting change for local people. Their vision is grounded in the belief that local people are the key to responsible development. GPFD envision a world where even disenfranchised communities have the capacity to build sustainable solutions to the problems they face.


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May 16, 2018


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