K-12 School in <br>Port-au-Prince, Haiti | 2020
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K-12 School in
Port-au-Prince, Haiti | 2020

World Centric + SOPUDEP

$105,960.00 from profits from fiscal year 2020

Haiti's economic and social development continue to be hindered by political instability, governance issues, and fragility. The country remains the poorest country in the Latin America and Caribbean region and among the poorest countries in the world. Haiti also yields the lowest education rate in the Western Hemisphere. 78% of students drop out after primary school, 85% of teachers lack basic qualifications, and only 60% of Haitians can read and write. With access to a quality education, Haitians have the ability to transform the country.

In 2001, community members in Port au Prince were given a two-story burnt-out mansion to use as a school and in 2002 they opened their doors to 140 students from impoverished households. Today, Institution Mixte de SOPUDEP is a K-12 school serving approximately 800 students. There are no fees to attend and they provide free meals for both students and the local community. In addition to quality academics, SOPUDEP offers evening vocational training programs for adults in tailoring, carpentry, electronics, and other professions.

World Centric has been supporting SOPUDEP since 2011, including the construction of a second campus, "The New School", with 20 classrooms which will serve an additional 1000 students. With the profits of fiscal year 2016-Present we have covered the staff salaries for the school.

SOPUDEP’s approach to education is unique in Haiti: no child is turned away for lack of funds. An example of this is the 150 street children that attend the afternoon session five-days a week. Director Réa Dol’s mission is to expose students to a well-rounded education, both book-based and experiential. Her students learn that, in order to prosper as a society, they must practice equality and be active participants in the country’s healing. As SOPUDEP’s students step out into the world, roots of peace, equality, and prosperity will grow for future generations.

Due to COVID-19, political unrest, and a series of kidnappings, children have not been able to attend school consistently since March 2020. Since most households do not have wifi and access to electricity is limited (many households can only purchase a few hours of electricity each week) online learning is a challenge. Teachers have been recording and sending their lessons via whatsapp. The operations staff have been purchasing food stables and delivering them to the students' families.

The Impact

67 teacher and staff salaries for the 2020-2021 school year.

Indirect Impacts:

  • Access to quality education for 800 children.
  • Increase in health due to access to clean water and food at school.
  • Support for adult groups that operate at the school: micro-credit and vocational training.


A World Centric partner since 2011.

SOPUDEP (Society of Providence United for the Economic Development of Petion-Ville) is a Haitian-founded and run grassroots organization located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. SOPUDEP’s focus is on providing accessible education to adults and children, supporting children’s and women’s rights, and creating programs of economic empowerment for members of their community.


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Apr 24, 2021


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