Mosquito Nets to Prevent Malaria in Lusaka & Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia | 2018
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Mosquito Nets to Prevent Malaria in Lusaka & Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia | 2018

World Centric + Power of Love

$25,345.00 from profits from fiscal year 2018

Malaria claimed 435,000 lives globally in 2017, even though it is both preventable and curable. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 92% of malaria cases and deaths. Zambia is a high-transmission country with 30-40% of the population infected. However, 1/3 of homes do not have even 1 mosquito net. Since 42% of the population lives in extreme poverty, they cannot afford nets even though malaria can be fatal for vulnerable populations such as people living with HIV.

According to the World Health Organization, sleeping under a net is one of the most effective and cheapest methods of preventing malaria. Proper use of a net can save lives for just pennies per day as a net can last up to two years and the cost is just $5. POL identifies beneficiary families and organizations to receive free mosquito nets. They provide training on the impacts of malaria (especially on HIV+ children and pregnant women), how to identify the symptoms, instruction on how to remove mosquito breeding grounds, and training on how to correctly use and maintain nets. They also host a Malaria Prevention Day to educate the entire community.

This is the continuation of a project we began funding annually in 2014.

The Impact

6,000 long-lasting, insecticide-treated nets distributed in two rural locations in Zambia: Lusaka and Kapiri-Mposhi. This will benefit 12,000-24,000 people, as 1 net can sleep up to 4 children or 2 adults. POL will provide education on malaria prevention and a demonstration on the proper use, storage and re-treatment of nets.

Indirect Impacts:

  • Reduction in cases of malaria
  • Increase in health due to stronger immune system
  • Increased in school attendance for children
  • Increase in community knowledge of better hygiene practices.

About Power of Love

A World Centric partner since 2014.

POL funds and runs projects in Zambia and India targeted toward helping women and children infected/affected with HIV/AIDS. Their vision is a world where the AIDS epidemic is in continuous retreat, and people living with HIV have access to loving care and treatment in an environment free of stigma and discrimination.

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May 16, 2018


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