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$25,000.00 from profits from fiscal year 2017

PPI is a Seattle-based, volunteer-run non-profit organization that supports development work in India. PPI was founded on the concept that help to the underprivileged should go beyond conventional charity. They fund numerous grassroots organizations in India executing innovative projects. PPI is guided by these ideas:

World Centric has been supporting PPI since 2009, the beginning of our giving program. They are a rare exception to our program in that our grant goes into their general fund, supporting a wide range of projects that they select. PPI then reports back to us on the projects they were able to fund with our donation.

Since 1978, People for Progress in India has supported over 172 projects, providing over 1.2 million dollars in funding. Today, PPI supports 5 project areas:

  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Child Welfare
  • Bio-sand Filters for Clean Drinking Water
  • Tree Planting

This year our donation to PPI includes funds specifically set aside for the construction of a multipurpose training center in Ajjampura, in Karnataka state in India. The building will be used for skills training, summer school, farmer trainings on organic practices, biosand filter construction, and as a library and resource center for the community.

PPI has been a World Centric partner since 2009.


November 2018

In 2018 PPI funded 11 new projects ranging from bio-sand water filters to microloans to sustainable agriculture. One project is Sustainable Farming for Tribal Farmers. The goal is to promote small-plot farming that is both sustainably done and economically viable, focusing on organic fruits and vegetables. This project has trained 32 farmers from 3 villages. Crop yields this year doubled over the last year.


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May 16, 2018


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