Well Child Initiative<br> at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala | 2017
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Well Child Initiative
at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala | 2017

World Centric + Mayan Families

$15,000.00 from profits from fiscal year 2017

In Guatemala, many children do not receive medical care until a health issue is very serious and possibly life-threatening. Lack of access to doctors, health posts, and many cultural barriers for indigenous families all contribute to this issue. Due to the lack of doctors (1 per 1,000 citizens) and because many indigenous families do not have access to health resources or have the money to treat even minor health issues, diseases often go untreated until they become a very serious issue. Mayan Families strives to change this through preventative health care for the preschoolers.

By having each child get lab tests done and be seen by an on-staff doctor, Mayan Families is able to catch disease early and begin treatment on the spot. They hope to keep preschoolers in school so they can grow up healthy, strong, and able to focus on their education. They also work to educate parents on the importance of personal hygiene and general care for their child.

This is the expansion of a project we funded with 2016 profits.

The Impact

360 preschoolers (60 children from 6 communities) will receive laboratory exams; a complete physical examination and treatment in case of a diagnosis; educational workshops for the parents on what they can do at home to prevent illnesses, and a follow-up checkup.

Indirect results:

  • Health improvements from access to healthcare.
  • Economic improvements for household due to access to local, low-cost healthcare. Money saved can be used for food and other basic necessities.
  • Encourage cultivation of local medicinal herbs and plants through teaching traditional Mayan treatment methods.

The Approach

A program facilitator, on-staff doctor, nutritionist, and nurse in training will travel to preschools in 6 communities to give an annual checkup and lab exams to preschoolers. They schedule follow-up appointments for children diagnosed with illnesses, write end-of-year reports, and evaluate data on cases of malnutrition/other diseases found.

About Mayan Families

A World Centric partner since 2016.

Mayan Families’ mission is to facilitate enduring, sustainable programs that promote community development. Their objective is to stimulate long-term progress through school sponsorships, health initiatives, vocational training and microfinance while providing emergency services to those in critical need. They aim to empower and collaborate with each community we work with to create lasting positive growth.


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May 16, 2018


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