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2013 Giving & Donations

2013 Giving & Donations

Through our giving, we hope to not only provide assistance but help create systems change at the root of the issues.

  • Green Schools Initiative
    The Green Schools Initiative (GSI) works to transform the environmental health and sustainability of California’s K-12 schools. GSI has pioneered sustainability best practices in numerous schools and districts statewide, focusing on engaging students, teachers, and parents to reduce the environmental footprint of their campuses. To date, GSI has trained more than 2,000 educators from over 400 schools in ‘7 Steps to a Green School.'
  • 5 Gyres
    5 Gyres is considered the leading voice in the field of marine plastic pollution. Its core work involves research expeditions to document the impact of plastic pollution in the 5 subtropical ocean gyres.
  • Teens Turning Green
    Teens Turning Green is a student led global movement devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities. TTG seeks to engage youth in the transition from conventional to conscious living, by informing, inspiring, and mobilizing action to sustain a healthy, just and thriving planet.
  • 20 Liters
    20 Liters provides clean water for over 14,080 people in Masaka, Rwanda.
  • Post-Landfill Action Network
    PLAN is a national movement of college and university student leaders working to solve the problem of waste, and to build a world where landfills and incinerators are obsolete. In October 2014, PLAN will host the first annual Students for Zero Waste Summit.
  • All One Ocean
    All One Ocean creates permanent, community-generated Beach Clean Up Stations, that provide a simple way for any beachgoer to help collect trash while enjoying the beach. Like ‘Adopt A Highway’ campaigns, Beach Clean Up Stations create community around care for and education about these pollution-prevention hubs.
  • California Student Sustainability Coalition
    The CSSC is a broad network of student sustainability leaders and organizations representing over 30 colleges and universities throughout California. Managed by recent alumni and coordinated by students, CSSC advocates for and implements policies and programs that enhance the three key components of sustainability: ecology, economy and equity.
  • Daily Acts
    Daily Acts is a Petaluma-based organization that provides hand-on sustainability education and resources to build skills and strengthen communities. Daily Acts’ programs empower individuals and organizations to transform lawns into food forests, install grey water systems, create habitats, and catalyze green policy and widespread change.
  • Petaluma Friends of the River
    Petaluma Friends of the River is dedicated to celebrating and conserving the Petaluma River, its wetlands and its wildlife. Its outreach and educational activities foster enthusiasm and commitment in the watershed for long term sustainability stewardship.
  • Global Student Embassy
    GSE works in 3 global communities (Northern California, Nicaragua and Ecuador), engaging local students in year-round education and action to address climate change, food security and ecological degradation. Reciprocal exchanges connect students to collaborate on sustainable garden and reforestation projects.
  • Green Ninja
    The Green Ninja Project works to educate young people about our changing climate and then give them the inspiration and tools to do something about it. The Green Ninja Project is a collaborative San Jose State University (SJSU) effort joining students and faculty from over 8 departments.
  • New Life Center
    The New Life Center is an irrigation and model farm project in Nanjiri, Malawi that will train and graduation over 200 farmers each year, empowered with sustainable, advanced methods of agriculture such as permaculture. The revenue generated by the model farm will support nutrition, healthcare, housing and education in its local community.
  • People for Progress in India
    PPI is a 100% volunteer organization that strives to promote sustainable growth among underprivileged communities in India through small, innovative projects.
  • Petaluma Community Foundation
    Petaluma Community Foundation is devoted to encouraging informed philanthropic giving that makes a broad and dynamic impact on improving quality life in the greater Petaluma area. The Foundation mobilizes and channels the contributions of its partners and donors to an interconnected network of programs and services, maximizing the collective impact of their donations.
  • Power of Love Foundation
    More children die of malaria than of any other disease in the world, and malaria is entirely preventable. Project Mosquito Net is Power of Love Foundation’s initiative to provide long lasting insecticide treated nets and education on prevention of malaria to children and families in Zambia.
  • SOPUPDEP/Real Dol
    Rea Dol is the Founder and Director of SOPUDEP school, a Haitian grassroots social organization. She has headed up an adult literacy program, a women's economic empowerment organization, an HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention program, and many more.
  • Work Horse Organic Agriculture
    Work Horse Organic Agriculture (WHOA) is a non-profit organic farm based in Sonoma County that donates 100% of its freshly harvested produce to programs which help feed low-income members of its community and which educate them on the importance of eating a healthy diet. WHOA Farm strives to produce all food using sustainable farming practices that conserve and protect natural resources.

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