Impact Projects

2019 Giving & Projects

With profits from 2019, World Centric funded 22 projects from 12 non-profits. Each project focuses on direct impact by providing basic needs, as well as economic and community development. Through our giving, we hope to not only provide assistance but help create systems change at the root of the issues.
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2019 Overall Impact

# of people impacted by this year's projects:

2019 Non-Profit Partners

  • Advocates for Community Alternatives
  • DESPRI-Haiti
  • Global Partners for Development
  • Integrate Health (Santé Intégrée)
  • People for Progress in India
  • Power of Love
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Raising the Village
  • SOIL
  • Spark Microgrants
  • Spouts of Water
  • Trees, Water, People
  • Women's Global Education Project

Each year World Centric staff propose and vote on non-profits to fund. Our 2019 Staff Giving Recipients are:

  • The Association for Law and Advocacy for Pastoralists (ALAPA)
  • Blue Ventures
  • Clinica Verde
  • Huru International
  • Mandela Partners
  • Maya Health Alliance
  • Namlo International
  • North Bay Organizing Project
  • People for Guatemala, Inc.
  • Project Gettysburg-Leon
  • Re-Plate
  • SAKALA International
  • Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation
  • Sustainable Cambodia
  • Warm Heart Worldwide Inc.
  • WINGS Guatemala

Current Projects from 2019 Profits

Community-driven Development and Local Government Accountability in Fanteakwa South Municipality, Ghana

World Centric + Advocates for Community Alternatives

Facilitated Community-driven Development Around Wologizi Mountain in Liberia

World Centric + Advocates for Community Alternatives

Reforestation in Anse Rouge and Terre Neuve, Northwest Haiti

World Centric + DESPRI

Women Empowerment and Leadership in Commune Anse Rouge and Terre Neuve, Northwest Haiti

World Centric + DESPRI

Latrines for King'ii Primary School in Western Kenya

World Centric + Global Partners for Community Development

Community Health Care for Women & Children in Togo

World Centric + Integrate Health

Pediatric Care for Children Affected by HIV in Lusaka, Zambia

World Centric + Power of Love

Mosquito Nets to Prevent Malaria in Lusaka, Zambia

World Centric + Power of Love

Microloans Program for Women Affected by HIV in Lusaka, Zambia

World Centric + Power of Love

School Fees and Food for Impoverished Children in Bengaluru, India

World Centric + Jagruthi/Power of Love

Community Development for the Kabukanga Cluster of Ndaiga in Kagadi District, Uganda

World Centric + Raising the Village

K-12 School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

World Centric + SOPUDEP

Community Development for 15 Villages in Murambi District, Rwanda

World Centric + Spark Microgrants

Clean Water Filters for Schools, Health Centers and Refugee Settlements in Uganda

World Centric + Spouts of Water

Grassroots Grants in India

World Centric + People for Progress in India

Sisters to School Program in Tharaka, Kenya

World Centric + Women's Global Education Project

Regenerative Composting Waste Treatment Services for Cap-Haitien, Haiti

World Centric + SOIL

Community Action Grants in the Amazon, Southeast Asia, & North America

World Centric + Rainforest Action Network

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