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Unique, sustainably produced packaging for unique, sustainable brands.

We fuse leading edge product design, emerging materials technologies and innovative manufacturing processes with human needs to create solutions that have an impact on everyday life.

Our work also impacts all life by helping to fund our giving.

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Consumer packaging that stands out and stands for sustainability.

The shifting wants and needs of consumers are for more sustainably made products as well as 'health and wellness' offerings. This means everything about the product needs to fulfill the promise of being for a better world. But very often today, products are being delivered in packaging that falls short in providing a truly sustainable solution that is fully recyclable or compostable.

Highlight your commitment to sustainability.

World Centric consumer packaging products are unique in how they can easily fit into your existing operations and provide a better sustainability story to your customers. Our packaging for food, beverage, and personal care products all utilize rapidly renewable plant fibers or plant based plastic that are compostable in commercial compost facilities.

Consumers increasingly want products that are both safe and align with their values. Let World Centric play a key role in the transition of your brand's packaging to a greener alternative and a greener bottom line.

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