4 Tips for a Greener Fourth Of July

4 Tips for a Greener Fourth Of July

Between holidays and backyard barbecues throwing a summer party can be wasteful. However, by making a few small changes, your summer celebrations don’t have to be bad for the planet.

As you celebrate the start of summer this year, make sure you do so sustainably. Here are four tips to help you ensure a greener Fourth of July celebration.

Tip #1: Serve sustainably

If you’re hosting a picnic or backyard barbeque this Fourth of July, eliminate using plastic disposables. If you can use it, reusable tableware is always the best, most sustainable option. If you’re having a large party or a celebration offsite and need to use disposables, choose compostables. World Centric plates, cutlery, and cups are all 100% compostable.

Tip #2: Grill more plants

Fourth of July is often synonymous with grilling hot dogs. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans will grill over 150 million hot dogs over the Fourth of July holiday. The livestock farming required to produce all the meat we eat on this planet takes quite a toll on the environment. Livestock farming is responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gases humans produce worldwide. To put it into perspective, that’s more emissions than all the ships, planes, and cars on this planet produce, combined. Rather than having a meat-focused cookout this year, switch to plant-based alternatives instead such as veggie burgers and fresh vegetable skewers.

Tip #3: Green the grill

Not only does the type of food you grill impact the environment, but the way you grill it can have an impact as well. If you have a grill that requires charcoal, use natural charcoal without additives to reduce the pollution that your grill emits. Of all the types of grills available, natural gas grills are the greenest in terms of fossil fuels, and are more energy efficient than charcoal grills.

Tip #4: Put down the fireworks

The APA estimates that Americans will set off over 268 million pounds of fireworks on the Fourth of July. That’s a lot of packaging that ends up in landfills on July 5th. In addition to packaging waste, fireworks also cause a spike in air pollution. A study in the Atmospheric Environment Journal found that the level of particulate matter present in the air is 42% higher on Fourth of July across the United States. There are many other celebratory festivities you can partake in other than fireworks on Fourth of July. See if there’s a laser show nearby, go to a community parade, or get outside and go for a night hike to see the stars that naturally light up the sky instead.

Celebrate Independence Day Sustainably

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