World Centric stands in solidarity with George Floyd’s family and friends and grieves his senseless murder, along with other Black Americans lives of Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Atatiana Jefferson, Laquan McDonald, Breonna Taylor and others. These chilling and discriminatory acts have become all too familiar in American society, and if dramatic action is not taken, these tragic events will continue to sow seeds of hatred and division among our communities.

Our employees are aligned in our opposition to these injustices, as well as the continued oppression and undervaluing of communities of color. We stand against:

  • Racism and racial discrimination against communities of color, including environmental, social and economic injustices;
  • Disenfranchisement of communities of color at the voting booth;
  • Police brutality in all forms;
  • Discriminatory practices within the criminal justice system; and
  • Disproportionately higher levels of pollution in communities of color

If we are to evolve and thrive as a society, we can no longer turn away and wait for someone else to solve these problems. We must stand arm-in-arm with our fellow citizens, of all colors, and protest for racial justice. Rather than militarizing our police forces, we must use tools and tactics to reach beyond the violence and racism and work towards better communication, civil rights, social justice and human dignity.

World Centric is guided by our mission to be of service to all people and the planet. We have been and will remain committed to supporting those who take nonviolent action to effect meaningful change in the world. We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement, as it addresses and amplifies the inequality that continues in our society against Black communities and promotes economic equality, criminal justice reform and a change to the status quo. It is our hope that the recent horrific events leading to this moment will result in real, lasting change in our society.

In Solidarity,

The Staff at World Centric