PK Ponders About... Thinking

PK Ponders About... Thinking

In my struggle to think of a subject to ponder I’ve exhausted my thinking brain when the idea had been within me all along in regard to how brilliantly dumb it is to be able to think.

Thinking is a cognitive process implementing reasoning to form rational explanations and form opinions. The human mind is different than other animals in that its processing power and memory can allow us to think of solutions to embrace survivability of our species beyond our own planet with an innate ability to explore and colonize the reaches of space and leave our home planet where we’ve evolved in a relatively short period of earth’s historical time. We think about planning our lives from a young age to planning our funerals. We think about planning to financially care for our loved ones in our passing. Some have revolutionary thoughts and ideas that leave a legacy to make an impact on the future. Whereas, simple animals survive on evolutionary instinct to their immediate surroundings and spend their energy on thinking how to survive in the short term.

"...Feel free to embrace not thinking so much and letting nature think for you."

Importers and producers both have to follow certain standards to be certified as fair trade. Thinking has allowed humanity to make scientific advancements to help overcome diseases such as small-pox and polio and allowing an explosion in population. It has taken 200,000 years for the population to reach 1 billion and only the last 100 years to reach 7 billion, however, this explosive growth that began since the industrial revolution has come at the cost of negatively impacting the environment. Humans have directly caused the extinction of nearly 500 known species since 1900. We have recently been more conscientious to conserve the environment and to slow or reverse the damage we have done to the earth. The industrial era thinkers only thought short term for immediate success which tremendously impacted society for the better, but the long-term damage of industrial pollution was rarely thought about. We have since poisoned the Earth and are drastically accelerating climate change and have divided social classes and built walls between those in need and those with excess. When we think we cleaned up our side of the Earth, we forget that pollution elsewhere will still negatively impact us.

At what point does our obsession to think about personal success create a negative impact on others and the environment? Our ability to think was meant for the betterment of maintaining the harmonious function of the delicate ecosystem on earth. All this existential thinking is exhausting and I think I’ve wasted your time. I hope you just think about the impact of your thoughts and actions. But feel free to embrace not thinking so much and letting nature think for you. Just don’t let others think for you.

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Oct 8, 2019


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